The elements of form shape my work, while considering the sensory qualities of the materials — including their scars and imperfections. Allowance for serendipity, such as the chance discovery of a new object-form to consider using in substitute for another, carries equal weight in the development process. My practice explores and expands upon traditional ideas rooted in the history of found-object assemblage sculpture. I work with collected objects to create new unexpected forms — powerful and totemic. Somewhat whimsical and uncanny, they are both foreign and familiar, a synthesis of the biomorphic and the mechanical. Drawn out from my subconscious, these forms are coupled with such language in the titles as puns, double-entendres or other play on words, which resonate with me during creation. Well dosed with mystery, humor, and innuendo, these amalgam forms and language associations can conjure up the unimaginable within. These everyday objects, transformed into charged psychic forms, are capable of evoking subconscious associations within the viewer.

Lee Hoag

"Gnome Alone" (2019) — John Dash Collection