Lee Hoag

Art is a work of magic---between the artist and the artwork, between the artwork and the viewer.

Drawn from unconscious mind--myth, magic, and mirth are innate elements coloring and texturing these surreal, often whimsical forms. Exploiting certain unanticipated opportunities in collecting for and creating these assemblage sculptures, allowance for serendipity and surprise strikes balance between accident or plan, chance or intention. Crafting together from a collection of disparate object parts, combined as the components for new amalgam forms, the objects are collectively reshaped---both in physicality and assigned meaning---through a transformative process, object alchemy.

Within emerging forms, new relationships develop. All preconceived notions of function and meaning are challenged by novel configurations, perceptions altered. Each part manufactured for some other intended purpose, when all brought together, create a wholly changed and different conception of thought. The invented forms seem to possess the uncanny.

Meaning recast, innuendo permitted, transcendent of what is utilitarian, mundane and decorative, they become evocations of subconscious expression, catalysts of imagination luring interaction---physical or in thought. While shaped by the hand of my personal aesthetic intention, they are marked in some way by the viewer’s own encounter, response, and interpretations---changed.