Lee Hoag : art

Art is a work of magic---between the artist and the artwork, between the artwork and the viewer.

Informing and shaping these assemblage sculptures is a transformative process, object alchemy. Crafted from assorted objects of disparate origins, the ready-made is transformed into the handmade. Each part, manufactured for some other intended purpose, already full of embedded meaning, is brought together through experimentation and intuitive invention to create an amalgam form---farfetched from their individual, original intent.

As each sculpture takes on its shape and comes to life, certain unanticipated opportunities are exploited. Amid a repertoire of reoccurring and transposable object parts, a developed rapport with the material, and an interplay of dialogue between the works, the elements of serendipity and surprise are allowed, striking balance between accident or plan, chance or intention. Giving attention to such formal concerns of form as: shape, line, surface, material, and scale, the essential ingredient remains---the transmutation of the object parts, through which new relationships emerge, perceptions and meaning alter. They devise into another language of ambiguous associations conjured from unconscious mind, fit together and formed as art object. Morphology altered, transcendent of the utilitarian, mundane and decorative, they become noble objects of contemplation, evocations of a collective subconscious, catalysts of imagination luring interaction. While shaped by the hand of my personal aesthetic, they are left marked in some way by the viewer's own encounter, response, and interpretations---changed.